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A vertical surface of rock, as on a mountainside.
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The towpath was closed in 2014 for the same reason but then fencing was installed to stop walkers going directly underneath the rockface. As far he is concerned 'nothing has changed'.
The towpath has been closed for 12 months due to the potential danger of falling rocks from the rockface on which the City Walls near the Northgate.
Team members then abseiled 80m down a rockface before helping to pull the two to safety.
Geneva, Rabi'II 29, 1439, January 16, 2018, SPA -- Two German climbers have been killed after plunging hundreds of metres from a rockface in the Austrian Alps, police confirmed late Monday, according to dpa.
| AMATEUR football clubs are being urged to enter the Rockface competition to find the best football team photo - and win cash prizes of up to PS5,000.
Here people will learn some climbing basics then test them out on Roseberry's craggy rockface.
Rockface is a collaged wallpaper comprising pieces of hand-dyed, lacquered paper, inspired by Chinese mountain landscapes and scholars' rocks, and is priced at US $625 per m 2 .
22, 2014, an equipment operator was injured while loading a haulage truck above ground at a rockface at the mine.
Look out for glimpses of their coloured outfits against the grey rockface.
5 YEARS AGO A CLIMBER cheated death when he fell 120ft while trying to complete a vertical ascent of a rockface in Snowdonia.
But the words, which were supposed to wash off in the rain, ended up being "baked" on to the rockface following a hot and dry September.