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rock hound

n. Informal
1. One who specializes in geology.
2. One who collects rocks and minerals, especially gemstones, as a hobby.

rock′ hound′ing, rock′hound′ing (rŏk′houn′dĭng) n.
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the activity of searching for and collecting rocks
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9, 2018) (advertising the various recreational activities including biking, camping, hiking, hunting, nature viewing, and rockhounding).
Amateur geology (known as rockhounding in the United States and Canada.) is the recreational study and hobby of collecting rocks and mineral specimens from their natural environment.
Whatever the reason, beware--for "rockhounding" can become addictive.
Start Your Rockin' Collection introduces children to the world of rockhounding and provides them a chance to start their own collections.
Rockhounding Montana: A Guide to 100 of Montana's Best Rockhounding Sites, 3rd edn.
We've been into geocaching for a few years now, and recently we've gotten into rockhounding. And when we're closer to town, we enjoy going to parks that we've never visited.
It is the work of a dedicated amateur from the rockhounding tradition.
This colorful volume on rockhounding explores the recreational collecting of meteorite samples and provides an illustrated guide to many types of extra-terrestrial rocks and minerals that can be found around the globe.
You can tailor your summer holiday towards your interest in the chemical sciences by going rockhounding in Ontario, flying to Switzerland--and back in time--to discover revolutionary physics with Albert Einstein, taking a historical tour of the war efforts in nuclear chemistry in the western U.S., attending college with Ernest Rutherford in New Zealand or relaxing in volcanic hot springs in the Phillippines.
Rockhounding isn't just about finding cool new rocks.
That's where both Ciaran and Rachel got hooked on rockhounding. Now they are showing off their own collections, which have won several state-fair ribbons.