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(rok) verb
1. to (cause to) swing gently backwards and forwards or from side to side. The mother rocked the cradle; This cradle rocks.
2. to swing (a baby) gently in one's arms to comfort it or make it sleep.
3. to shake or move violently. The earthquake rocked the building.
ˈrocker noun
1. one of usually two curved supports on which a cradle, rocking-chair etc rocks.
2. a rocking-chair.
ˈrocky adjective
which rocks or shakes; unsteady; unsafe.
ˈrockiness noun
ˈrocking-chair noun
a chair which rocks backwards and forwards on rockers.
ˈrocking-horse noun
a toy horse which rocks backwards and forwards on rockers.
off one's rocker
mad; crazy.
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References in classic literature ?
There was no furniture except the mats they used as beds, and a rocking-chair, which stood on the verandah.
He sat still and passive, his head resting against the back of the wooden rocking-chair, his hands relaxed upon the arms.
If any want to get up an inspiration under this head, we refer them to our good friend Rachel Halliday, just as she sits there in her little rocking-chair. It had a turn for quacking and squeaking,--that chair had,--either from having taken cold in early life, or from some asthmatic affection, or perhaps from nervous derangement; but, as she gently swung backward and forward, the chair kept up a kind of subdued "creechy crawchy," that would have been intolerable in any other chair.