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Any of various brown algae of the order Fucales growing chiefly on rocks in coastal areas, such as bladder wrack or Ascophyllum nodosum.
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(Plants) any of various seaweeds that grow on rocks exposed at low tide
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any of several coarse brown seaweeds, commonly of the genus Fucus, that grow on sea-washed rocks.
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Noun1.rockweed - coarse brown seaweed growing on rocks exposed at low tiderockweed - coarse brown seaweed growing on rocks exposed at low tide
brown algae - algae having the chlorophyll masked by brown and yellow pigments
family Fucaceae, Fucaceae - small family of brown algae: gulfweeds; rockweeds
fucus - any member of the genus Fucus
black rockweed, bladder fucus, Fucus vesiculosus, bladderwrack, tang - a common rockweed used in preparing kelp and as manure
Ascophyllum nodosum, bladderwrack - similar to and found with black rockweed
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A week after this letter arrived in island homes, the first shipment of rockweed was loaded onto the truck at Ingall's Head, leading to the community blockade.
Rockweed, sea lettuce, tangle weed, lacy red weed, and green fleece are some of the common names of these plants.
No collisions with the surf-pounded rocks, the birds just bob about in steady progress, probing for food morsels in the rockweed.
I allow myself to drift with the tidal surge back toward my spotter, making out the faint forest of rockweed straining at its holdfasts on the chocolate ledges, waving eerily.
Rockweed, a brown alga, proved its most prominent victim.
Walk across the steep, narrow beach of round rocks and onto the bedrock, watching your step where slick sea lettuce and rockweed languish.
Lobsters, for instance, should be kept in the rockweed or wet newspapers in which they were shipped.
The extensive limestone creates the perfect conditions for rockweed to grow.
For the lobster, bring a large saucepan of water and rockweed to a boil.
Joan Marshall narrates a story on how the provincial government in New Brunswick essentially ignored scientifically documented concerns over the harvesting of Grand Manan rockweed. Kevin McNamee reveals how the Canadian mining association has backpedaled on its commitment to support the creation of a network of wilderness parks.
In our region, they occupy beds of the fucoid alga known as rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) in the intertidal zone where they feed on amphipods, copepods, and other invertebrates (Rangeley and Kramer 1995a).
It's harder to feel for them as a species, harder still to muster compassion and enthusiasm for every rockweed plant, sea star, and diatom.

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