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Adj.1.rodlike - resembling a rod
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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Displayed next to these sculptures in the foyer of the CAC was a photograph of Ebner's rodlike sculptural grouping Film Without Film (after The Evil Faerie by George Landow, FLUX Film No.
Everyday 'knockeruppers' across the North East - and Britain - would use implements such as long fishing rodlike sticks, soft hammers, rattles and even pea shooters to get people up
The size and shape of the microfossils are determined by bacterial morphology, which includes rodlike bacteria, and isolated subspherical structures.
Although cytoplasmic granules and rodlike inclusions can be seen, which may mimic the granules and crystals seen in ASPS, the tumor cells are positive for muscle markers desmin and myogenin.
Similarly, after treating with 2 wt% acetic acid solutions, the nanorod feature of ATNAL fillers were etched into broken/shorter and thinner rodlike feature as the treating time increase from 4 to 12 h (see Fig.
Distiphallus membranous, conical; subepandrial sclerite well-developed; phallapodemic sclerite thin rodlike.
This attachment organelle consists of a specialized tip structure with a central core of a dense rodlike central filament surrounded by a lucent space that is enveloped by an extension of the organism's cell membrane.
Hemoglobin, the substances that carries oxygen in red blood cells, forms uncharacteristic, rodlike clusters in the cells, giving them a sickle shape and impeding their passage in small blood vessels.
Mild, Efficient biomimetic synthesis of rodlike hydroxyapatite particles with a high aspect ratio using polyvinylpyrrolidone as capping agent, Cryst.
Roberts, Rodlike and random-coil behavior of poly(n-butyl isocyanate) in dilute solution, J.