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adj. Law
Requesting evidence, especially from a foreign court: a rogatory letter.

[French rogatoire, from Medieval Latin rogātōrius, from Latin rogātus, past participle of rogāre, to ask; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈrɒɡətərɪ; -trɪ)
(Law) (esp in legal contexts) seeking or authorized to seek information
[C19: from Medieval Latin rogātōrius, from Latin rogāre to ask]
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The counsel said that Letters Rogatory (LR) have been sent to different countries to seek information.
During a working session, both parties agreed on the need to strengthen mutual legal assistance and implement rogatory commissions.
The official also said that Letters Rogatory have been sent to the authorities of foreign jurisdictions to enforce the provisional attachment orders.
The ED has sent Letter Rogatory (LRs) to 7 more countries where Modi and Choksi have businesses and properties.
They have said all the details sought by the agency from the Italy were provided through the Letters Rogatory which was the only country among seven others which has provided complete details.
The agency has also asked the Interpol to issue a Red Corner Notice (RCN) against him even as it is working to attach Mallya's Indian assets under the criminal sections of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).ED is also understood to be considering issuing Letters Rogatory (judicial requests) to at least seven countries to not only probe Mallya's finances but also that of his now defunct Kingfisher Airlines (KFA).
We are in the process of sending Letter of Rogatory to these countries for assistance, while we have also asked the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in India to seek assistance from FIUs in other countries," says a CBI official.
inquiries He told the paper some loose ends were being tidied up and the authorities were awaiting a response to official inquiries sent to Britain via Rogatory Commissions.
GE-len's lawyer Nurullah Albayrak said at the first hearing on Tuesday that GE-len is ready to testify as part of the case by means of a letter rogatory, in which a Turkish court requests that a US court hear his testimony on its behalf.
Ministers agreed on all the issues included in the agenda, including the entry of Member States as a group when signing legal, judicial orjuridicalcooperation agreements with States or other international groups and the Convention on the enforcement of sentences, rogatory and judicial ads in the GCC countries.
7] "The legislative history confirms that [section] 1782 was enacted--and further refined--to create a cause of action for enforcing letters rogatory or other international requests for documents or testimony found in the United States.