rogue's gallery

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Noun1.rogue's gallery - a coterie of undesirable people
clique, coterie, ingroup, inner circle, camp, pack - an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose
2.rogue's gallery - a collection of pictures of criminals
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
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CCTV is used to check faces against a rogue's gallery of wanted terrorists and known shoplifters.
by Baba Umar/ A rogue's gallery of counterfeit goods is helping consumers spot the difference between real and phony goods on sale in the Sultanate.
A review of these tables indicates a clear rogue's gallery. It includes the following countries with misery index scores of 40 or above: Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, and South Africa.
But at least being unable to speak meant I couldn't join the usual rogue's gallery of barely believable newsroom quotes, with my favourite this week: "Bradley Walsh is one of my favourite people - EVER".
YOU can help catch County Durham criminals as police put a rogue's gallery online.
A ROGUE'S gallery of convicted criminals "behind bars" has been launched as part of South Wales Police's new website.
So we appeal to readers if they recognise anyone from our rogue's gallery please make a call and give the police a name.
Drawing on interviews with relatives, police files and contemporary media accounts, the work explores the heavy handed police investigation, the rogue's gallery of suspects and the eventual collapse of the case.
PEOPLE committing anti-social behaviour could find their photos published in a rogue's gallery in a planned crackdown in Powys.
A TEENAGE boy learns that he has been groomed for work as a super-spy since he was a boy, and after his uncle's death, is tasked with saving the world from a rogue's gallery of sinister villains.
He said: "The people receiving these payments represent a rogue's gallery of those who brought financial ruin upon our country."