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1. Deceitful; unprincipled: Set adrift by his roguish crew, the captain of the ship spent a week alone at sea.
2. Playfully mischievous: a roguish grin.

rogu′ish·ly adv.
rogu′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.roguishness - the trait of indulging in disreputable pranks
mischievousness, naughtiness, badness - an attribute of mischievous children
2.roguishness - reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in othersroguishness - reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others
misbehavior, misbehaviour, misdeed - improper or wicked or immoral behavior
blaze, hell - noisy and unrestrained mischief; "raising blazes"
monkey business - mischievous or deceitful behavior
hooliganism, malicious mischief, vandalism - willful wanton and malicious destruction of the property of others


Annoying yet harmless, usually playful acts:
Informal: shenanigan (often used in plural).
References in classic literature ?
He will now and again, screwing up his courage by a tremendous effort, plunge into roguishness. But it is always a terrible fiasco , and after one or two feeble flounders he crawls out again, limp and pitiable.
It was the spirits and the intelligence, combined with inordinate roguishness, that made him what he was.
Mary looked up with some roguishness at Fred, and that look of hers was very dear to him, though the eyes were nothing more than clear windows where observation sat laughingly.
But my companion knew very well what he was doing; and for as simple as he was in some things of life, had a great fund of roguishness in such affairs as these.
Opening the night will be Julian Deane - with his skilful joke writing, casual roguishness, deadpan delivery and twisted sense of humour he leaves the crowd wanting for more.
But he was apologetic about his roguishness, like he thought he should stop being that way because he was a business owner now and business owners are Serious People Who Make Important Decisions.
It is incredible that we have allowed a subculture of greed, roguishness and theft to thrive in the transport sector.
He had a hard version of himself, worn on the exterior, as all successful people do by this last act of their lives, and I had mistaken it for some kind of roguishness. But inside of that was the same soft truth that had always been there - a need for friendships and most likely love, and an enjoyment of indulgences.
His eyes, for example still retain a certain twinkling roguishness (and may well remind one of all the sights he must have seen and would still like to see).
It's not just the lovable roguishness, it's the burst of pace, the upper-body strength and the willingness to run at the opposition from deep.
This stranger, carrying a backpack and stick, combines signs of youth, death, and a kind of roguishness that defies bourgeois conventions.