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adj. roil·i·er, roil·i·est
1. Full of sediment; muddy or cloudy.
2. Turbulent; agitated.


adj, roilier or roiliest
rare cloudy or muddy


(ˈrɔɪ li)

adj. roil•i•er, roil•i•est.
1. turbid; muddy.
2. turbulent.
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Adj.1.roily - (of a liquid) agitated vigorouslyroily - (of a liquid) agitated vigorously; in a state of turbulence; "the river's roiling current"; "turbulent rapids"
agitated - physically disturbed or set in motion; "the agitated mixture foamed and bubbled"


1. Having sediment or foreign particles stirred up or suspended:
2. Violently disturbed or agitated, as by storms:
References in classic literature ?
Then flow away, my sweety sap, And I will make you boily; Nor catch a wood man’s hasty nap, For fear you should get roily.
President-CEO Roily Uloth was pleased to have Page's experience on the board.
I will continue to support Roily and the team, and am confident LycoRed will continue growing through product portfolio expansion and improved market reach.
There was no way to avoid him unless she turned and fled inside, which she considered, but she kept moving, her insides as roily dark as the Ohio, dragging her practiced speech into her mouth.
Its internal GPS keeps the boat within 5 feet of the waypoint, and manages to do it all day long, even in roily seas.
Books mystery and tells of third generation Utah residents Roily and Abigail Rogers, who turn up missing after a weekend searching for valuable antiquities.
He concludes that "if [his] spears fly well and strike their mark/amid the little wars of life, then [he] should be content/as any man who sailed a roily sea, or murdered beauty's thief/or dreamt a wooden horse, or scaled a Trojan wall.
Once they take three churches and make them into one, you lose two customers," said Roily DeVore, general manager of Emkay Candle.