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v. t.1.See Royne.
n.1.A scab; a scurf, or scurfy spot.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The key, Julie Roin said, would be for legislators not to pass a statute mandating members take action that is effective in the middle of the term to which they are elected.
Ach ma mholas tu gunna a thogail an aghaidh beathach fiadhaich sam bith, bho fhaoileagan gu roin, thig caineadh ort bho na buidheanan arainneachd.
successful drug within a class." Roin, supra note 28, at 540 n.192.
Roin, Unpatentable Drugs and the Standards of Patentability, 87 TEX.
For example, Eric Budish, Ben Roin, and I aimed to develop measures of research investments in cancer drugs.
Attending the meeting were Nordic Football Association President Terje Svendsen, also head of the Norway soccer, Danish Football Association President Jesper Moller, Swedish Football Association Vice-President Jorgen Eriksson, Swedish Football Association General Secretary Hakan Sjostrand, Football Association of Finland President Ari Lahti and Faroe Islands Football Association Vice-President Roin O.
Attending the meeting from Nordic Football Association were president of the Football Association of Norway, Terje Svendsen, president of the Danish Football Association, Jesper Moller, vice president of Swedish Football Association, Jorgen Eriksson, general secretary of Swedish Football Association, Hakan Sjostrand, president of the Football Association of Finland, Ari Lahti, and vice president of the Faroe Islands Football Association, Roin OJ Schroter.
practitioners." (83) Roin adds that "[t]he human and
(34) See Julie Roin, Planning Past Pensions, 46 Loy.
roin s as t Operation Loot was set up and covert cameras caught the comings and goings at the gang's nerve centre for four weeks in Clos Owen on the Caia Park Estate, said Anna Pope, prosecuting.
Roin, The Case for Tailoring Patent Awards Based on Time-to-Market, 61 UCLA L.
Directors of Silva and their subsidiary Grangemouth Renewable Energy are Rune Bro Roin and Christina Grumstrup Sorensen, who are Danish, and a British "investment professional" Radu Gruescu.