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Verb1.roleplay - perform on a stage or theaterroleplay - perform on a stage or theater; "She acts in this play"; "He acted in `Julius Caesar'"; "I played in `A Christmas Carol'"
dramatic art, dramaturgy, theater, theatre, dramatics - the art of writing and producing plays
perform - give a performance (of something); "Horowitz is performing at Carnegie Hall tonight"; "We performed a popular Gilbert and Sullivan opera"
play - perform on a certain location; "The prodigy played Carnegie Hall at the age of 16"; "She has been playing on Broadway for years"
play - be performed or presented for public viewing; "What's playing in the local movie theater?"; "`Cats' has been playing on Broadway for many years"
act, play, represent - play a role or part; "Gielgud played Hamlet"; "She wants to act Lady Macbeth, but she is too young for the role"; "She played the servant to her husband's master"
stooge - act as the stooge; "His role was to stooge for the popular comedian"
pantomime, mime - act out without words but with gestures and bodily movements only; "The acting students mimed eating an apple"
ham, ham it up, overact, overplay - exaggerate one's acting
underact, underplay - act (a role) with great restraint
act - be suitable for theatrical performance; "This scene acts well"
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St Helens was ranked top of the charts for Merseyside on a new "sex map" based on a formula which includes spending on sex products and sexual habits - apparently dressing up and roleplay is the favourite fantasy of residents in the town.
THE family of Staffordshire webcam girl Hope Barden, unlawfully killed during online sex roleplay, has blasted the adult internet film industry.
Detective Inspector John Quilty, from Staffordshire CID, said: "The death of Dangar ultimately prevented prosecutors from charging him in connection with Hope's death as a result of sexually-related roleplay.
It brought fans of the genre from across Britain and beyond to the area for two days of fantasy roleplay in costume.
Dozens of cast members roleplay Batuuan locals in an open-ended storyline set in the aftermath of the eighth film, The Last Jedi.
This month, the pub has also began hosting D&D tutorial and session nights, organised by Table Fables, a newly formed group of fantasy, table-top and roleplay fans.
Through roleplay, children will continue learning about the different jobs in a supermarket including a cashier, a baker and a deli assistant.
There will be several professional mentors on-site to roleplay a career fair.
We were slowly patching things up, but in January I discovered he was having very intimate roleplay with some other girls online.
He was always happy to come to nursery and loved to be in the roleplay area with the dolls."
Through the collaboration, KidZania features a Volvo car dealership in its child-friendly cityscape, where kids roleplay as adults in various professions.