roll along

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w>roll along

(ball)entlang- or dahinrollen; we were rolling along enjoying the countrysidewir rollten dahin und genossen die Landschaft
(inf, = arrive) → aufkreuzen (inf), → eintrudeln (inf)
vt seprollen
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As when two doves, or two wood-pigeons, or as when Strephon and Phyllis (for that comes nearest to the mark) are retired into some pleasant solitary grove, to enjoy the delightful conversation of Love, that bashful boy, who cannot speak in public, and is never a good companion to more than two at a time; here, while every object is serene, should hoarse thunder burst suddenly through the shattered clouds, and rumbling roll along the sky, the frightened maid starts from the mossy bank or verdant turf, the pale livery of death succeeds the red regimentals in which Love had before drest her cheeks, fear shakes her whole frame, and her lover scarce supports her trembling tottering limbs.
The whole point about General Elections is that they roll along every five years by law and the public can and does change its mind from time to time, while referendums hardly ever happen and we are stuck with the result for 40 years.
As a member of the ensemble of Porchlight Music Theatre's "Merrily We Roll Along," he has to focus on his character.
The 14/1 shot is trained by Fozzy Stack, who said: "We went back to basics today - jump and let her roll along. She's not over-big but has a big heart.
Ms Olawi is also on the honour roll along with Anwaar Abdulsamad Muftah, Tawfeeq Mohammed Al Subaee, Abeer Isa Al Hajri and Salman Mohammed Al Mahmood.
RIVER MERSEY rolling along Like some old forgotten song Melodies like memories float Of sailing ships and ferry boats Of slave ships with their black cargo And trading ships with bows hung low All sailing on your outgoing waves Like tunes upon a guitar plays Troop ships sailing off to war Or liners for some far off shore Oh river how you call the tune With ebbing tides obeying moon Still we listen to your song And watch you as you roll along Like a father you protected us In times of war, all dirt and dust As a mother you fed our babes Bringing food upon your waves You are our heart, so strong and cool Beating with life for Liverpool Freda Renton, Croxteth Park
The acquisition train continues to roll along for non asset-based 3PL XPO Logistics, with the most recent stop being July's announcement that it plans to acquire 3PD Inc., the largest non-asset, third-party provider of heavy goods, last-mile logistics in North America.
MOLD: Clwyd Theatr Cymru (0845 330 3565), Merrily We Roll Along. 7.30pm.
Clwyd Theatr Cymru are staging Merrily We Roll Along which tells the story of Frank, Charley and Mary who met at college in the late 1950s, becoming best friends.
Roll Along and Ballyfitz are all set to represent Nigel Twiston-Davies as the Naunton trainer attempts to win the staying handicap chase for a second time after King's Road in 2000.