roll around

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Verb1.roll around - happen regularly; "Christmas rolled around again"
hap, happen, occur, come about, take place, go on, pass off, fall out, pass - come to pass; "What is happening?"; "The meeting took place off without an incidence"; "Nothing occurred that seemed important"
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"You made me pretty--very pretty, indeed--and I love to watch my pink brains roll around when they're working, and to see my precious red heart beat." She went to a long mirror, as she said this, and stood before it, looking at herself with an air of much pride.
She makes me get up just at the same time every morning; she makes me wash, they comb me all to thunder; she won't let me sleep in the woodshed; I got to wear them blamed clothes that just smothers me, Tom; they don't seem to any air git through 'em, somehow; and they're so rotten nice that I can't set down, nor lay down, nor roll around anywher's; I hain't slid on a cellar-door for -- well, it 'pears to be years; I got to go to church and sweat and sweat -- I hate them ornery sermons!
We see but dimly through the mists that roll around our time-girt isle of life, and only hear the distant surging of the great sea beyond.
A POLICEMAN described how he had to roll around in the sand when he was engulfed in flames after a mob pelted his police vehicle with Molotov cocktails.
Every day a distinguished pink newspaper manages to make Eeyore look positively exuberant, and across the world the impression is being given that this country is not up to it Boris Johnson takes a swipe at the Financial Times If you ignore young people, you perish Bear Grylls, chief scout and TV adventurer warns the Conservative Party I'll run out of life before I run out of ideas veteran actor Robert Redford, 81 Does Rio Ferdinand (right) realise that when he gets hit in the boxing ring, he can't roll around on the canvas for five minutes waiting for the referee to stop play?
Stoke star Butland, 22, says it is a "pet hate" to see players roll around in agony as if seriously hurt.
The cats roll around in it, then lie about all day.
Roll around and fire off an awesome array of weaponry throughout three hefty campaigns, set across the North African deserts, green fields of Europe and frozen Siberian tundra.
Roller Wheel INFLATABLE child-sized wheel for youngsters to climb through or roll around in, for use both indoors and on grass outside.
He felt the need to go down, roll around on the floor for about five times holding his face.
I drop my lunch down it, spill fizzy drinks, get drips from icecreams and roll around in the mud - but don't tell Mum!