roll away

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w>roll away

vi (ball, vehicle)wegrollen; (clouds, mist)abziehen
vt sep trolley, tablewegrollen
References in classic literature ?
We cannot keep the gold of yesterday; To-day's dun clouds we cannot roll away.
Think of me at this hour, in a strange place, labouring under a blackness of distress that no fancy can exaggerate, and yet well aware that, if you will but punctually serve me, my troubles will roll away like a story that is told.
When Planchet heard the provoking sound of the silver and gold -- when he saw bubbling out of the bags the shining crowns, which glittered like fish from the sweep-net -- when he felt himself plunging his hands up to the elbow in that still rising tide of yellow and white coins, a giddiness seized him, and like a man struck by lightning, he sank heavily down upon the enormous heap, which his weight caused to roll away in all directions.
Shall the trifling amusements, the palling pleasures, the silly business of the world, roll away our hours too swiftly from us; and shall the pace of time seem sluggish to a mind exercised in studies so high, so important, and so glorious?
Jerry was so secure in his nook that he did not roll away.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because of a roll away risk.
Clermont tighthead prop Rabah Slimani failed to roll away at a ruck to give Owen Farrell the opportunity to put his side ahead, and he sent the penalty between the uprights for a 3-0 lead after four minutes.
When the cameramangoes down, he tries to roll away, too.
1 million cars and SUVs worldwide because the vehicles may roll away after drivers exit.
1 million vehicles as cars roll away and drivers confuse the setting of the gear.
Additionally they offer beach chairs, beach umbrellas and toys as well as roll away beds and full sets of sheets and blankets.
God is strong enough to roll away the stone from the tomb.