rolled into one

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Adj.1.rolled into one - made up of several components combined into a single entity
combined - made or joined or united into one
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Why, he'd a-cut a swath through the free an' easy big business gamblers an' pirates of them days; just as he cut a swath through the hearts of the ladies when he went gallopin' past on that big horse of his, sword clatterin', spurs jinglin', his long hair fiyin', straight as an Indian, clean-built an' graceful as a blue-eyed prince out of a fairy book an' a Mexican caballero all rolled into one; just as he cut a swath through the Johnny Rebs in Civil War days, chargin' with his men all the way through an' back again, an' yellin' like a wild Indian for more.
He was the Burning Daylight of scores of wild adventures, the man who carried word to the ice-bound whaling fleet across the tundra wilderness to the Arctic Sea, who raced the mail from Circle to Salt Water and back again in sixty days, who saved the whole Tanana tribe from perishing in the winter of '91--in short, the man who smote the chechaquos' imaginations more violently than any other dozen men rolled into one.
But not fifty single gentlemen rolled into one could have helped poor Kit, who in half an hour afterwards was committed for trial, and was assured by a friendly officer on his way to prison that there was no occasion to be cast down, for the sessions would soon be on, and he would, in all likelihood, get his little affair disposed of, and be comfortably transported, in less than a fortnight.
"Thus," replied Arthur, with all the gravity of ten Professors rolled into one. "What we call the vertex of the Brain is really its base: and what we call its base is really its vertex: it is simply a question of nomenclature."
You go on as if you were the whole Mess rolled into one. Take it easy."
I knew of their guilt though, and I determined that I should be judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one. You'd have done the same, if you have any manhood in you, if you had been in my place.
IF ALL the times we had, Had been rolled into one, I still can't get my head around, that you are gone, I'd tell you how much I thought of you, one last time, I just wish I could see you again, Is that such a crime, You never ever, ever seemed down, You always had a smile on your face and wore an invisible crown, You'd make all my biggest problems seem so minuscule, Always time for me, ever so cool, Wish my phone would ring, and it would read your name, Just please one more time, time flies in this lane, Defined by your good nature, ever caring soul, A penchant for a good tune, too, proper rock 'n' roll, No-one can ever take our memories away, I can look back upon them, as if they were yesterday ...
Described by one of Thin Lizzy's guitarists, Brian Robertson, as "everyone's mum rolled into one" she was the driving force behind the statue of her son on Harry Street.
The recent 40th anniversary concert of 'Megastar' Sharon Cuneta felt like a reunion-slash-tribute rolled into one.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 6 (ANI): Bollywood's 'Desi girl', Priyanka Chopra, shared a heartwarming message on her Instagram, calling her mother 'my strength my weakness all rolled into one'.
Last year, thousands of them rolled into one New Mexico town within hours!