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Noun1.roller bit - a drill bit that has hardened rotating rollers
drill bit, drilling bit - a bit used in drilling for oil
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3###1###3###Steel Tooth Standard Open Bearing Roller Bit with Gauge Protection###sandstone with
Utilizing a patented tri-cone roller bit and specialized drill head housing, the RS8 rock drilling system allows simple setup, low fluid usage, use of standard locator transmitters and excellent steering efficiency.
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In the most common drilling sequence, the four-coned tungsten-carbide roller bit that will cut into the seafloor is attached to the drill pipe along with its stabilizing weights.
The Vermeer RS6/RS8 is a specialized rock drilling head assembly utilizing a tri cone roller bit and drill head housing.
The raiseboring machine is set-up, in the launch area, and angled to drill conventionally, pushing a tricone rock roller bit down to the lower target, level.