Roller blade

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Roll´er blade

1.a type of roller skate having more than two wheels, aligned in a single row rather than in two rows.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Meanwhile, a team from Chienkuo Technology University in Changhua won a silver medal with their innovative roller blade wheels, which feature better friction for skating on wet surfaces.
The synthetic rink which is 300 square metres is suitable for ice and roller blade skating, five a side football and is also ideal for wheelchair use.
And most importantly 3) It is a "pedestrian" crossing, not a roller blade or bike or skate board crossing.
But it's not just about walking; you could roller blade, cycle, horseride, run or hike your way along a trail.
Further out enough space could be created for facilities for the young; skateboard park, roller blade rink, open air squash courts and many other things.
The Pritzker has given him a roller blade. Lebbeus Woods is, I think, the most satisfying: his Midwestern morality emerging as a foundation for the thrust and challenge of his drawings.
Jackson directed 1984's "Roller Blade" on his own $20,000 credit card budget: the film was picked up by New World and grossed $1 million.
A safe way for little ones to learn to roller blade, these inline skates have removable training wheels.
When the rod reaches the exit pit, the guiding head is replaced with a roller blade that has an expanding head, and new pipe is attached behind it.
Once at work she changes from shorts, T-shirt and roller blade into her uniform and fits her artificial limb so she can walk.
According to data from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, nearly half of all children who come to the emergency department for roller blade or in-line skate injuries have the same problem -- a fractured wrist.
Amiee and Corinne, both 11, from Greasby, were out playing with Hannah Shakespeare in Saughall Massie when she decided to roller blade over a pond.