roller rink

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roll′er rink`

a rink for roller-skating.
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Among those still operating are Lombard Roller Rink, Bella's Bouncies Skate on Grand in Fox Lake and Xtreme Wheels in Crystal Lake.
An ice rink or roller rink Sharon Rafferty suggested: "The old Grosvenor casino would be good for an ice rink maybe, would be a great place for kids and adults alike.
Back in the early 1900s it was also home to the American Roller Rink - the first roller skating rink in South Wales - which was between the old court building and the Cardiff and County Club.
Although I was a member of the Albert Park roller rink and regularly competed and had lessons, the park also had a lot of other things to offer and still has.
The Anthem sets a high bar in terms of onboard activities: highlights include bumper cars, a roller rink and circus school, a skydiving simulator, and a bar where robots mix the cocktails.
I don't recall as a child ever thinking: I will remember this for the rest of my life, or, I hope I remember to tell my kids someday, or, when I was seven, when I was nine, or eleven, saying, remember that time when I was six and Dad took me to the roller rink, but I lost him in the crowd and when I found him again, he was squatting on the ground, helping that girl from school tie the laces of her skates and looking up her skirt?
Attractions including the funfair at Ocean Park, the observation wheel and roller rink at Cliffe Park.
Attractions including the fun fair at Ocean Park, the observation wheel and roller rink at Cliffe Park, and the land train will run every day from 4pm to 10pm.
The developers plan to demolish the Conway Roller Rink next to the bowling alley to make way for a building to be leased to national retailers.
Aimee Coupland is first on the roller rink at Playworld, Marsh 300514DPLAY_01 JULIAN HUGHES
CHRISTMAS shoppers can take a break from lugging their heavy bags around the city centre and have some fun at Coventry's very own roller rink.
And Nicholas, from Motherwell, admitted the fun on the roller rink helped him relax ahead of his biggest test yet - dancing.