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Noun1.roller-skater - someone who engages in roller skatingroller-skater - someone who engages in roller skating
rollerblader - a skater who uses Rollerblades
skater - someone who skates
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He said he would try to reach Spain again when the time was right, to pursue his dream of becoming a professional roller-skater.
It was only when a young Saudi roller-skater who happened to pass by came to her rescue that Dareen's ordeal ended and the attacker took off.
Adam, a keen roller-skater and talented photographer, was a student at Bramcote College - where flowers, pictures and personal tributes were left after his death.
They are, left to right, cyclist Ian Thomas, roller-skater Ian Everington, go-karter Mike Callaghan, runner Nigel Morpeth and canoeist John Ferry ?
SHE'S wowed judges across the globe with her skills, and now artistic roller-skater Joanne Edwards has set her sights on teaching Tyneside how to skate.
As a young girl, she was a keen roller-skater. Her father built her a roller skating rink, which was then converted into the theatre whose dance troupe, The Catlin Follies, she went on to join.
She was a professional roller-skater in her younger years.
A BLURB on the back cover of this collection of short stories states that the author, David Lyndon Brown, was a champion roller-skater at the age of fourteen in his home country of New Zealand.
He said: "If you are a cyclist or a roller-skater and you are wearing protective gear, then if a car hits you the impact injury and the consequences of the injury will be less.
A state champion roller-skater by the age of 13, she became a top teenage model at 14.
"Like a roller-skater, the first casualty of the day for Red Cross men Jack Jukes and Stan Stephenson from Sunderland.
RIGHT PAIR: Yuvraj Singh and Rahul Dravid after guiding India to victory at Lord's yesterday while (left) former roller-skater Singh reaches his 50; STRANDED: Nasser Hussain is out stumped by Rahul Dravid for 54 at Lord's yesterday; HALFWAY THERE: Marcus Trescothick reaches 50 yesterday.