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Carefree and high-spirited; boisterous: a rollicking celebration.

rol′lick·ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.rollickingly - in a carefree manner; "she was rollickingly happy"
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Back at the BGC Arts Center, the Cebuano 'Bisrock' jukebox musical 'Gugmang Giatay' ('Damned Love') could not have been more different from the two preceding plays: a rollickingly entertaining folksy interplay of people next door, woven around Cebuano songs both pop (Max Surban was the only name familiar to me) and classic ('Usahay', 'Matud Nila'), irreverently delivered.
Ruby Blues, Unit 4, Great Charlotte Street, Liverpool, 0797 435 3079, - Thu, 21 Apr Dancing Through The Decades Village Hotel, Fallows Way, Whiston, - to Fri, 11 Nov The View This year sees the release of Ropewalk, their vibrant, ambitious, rollickingly tuneful new album.
The featured attraction was Andre Campra's opera-ballet of 1710, Les Fetes venitiennes, an alternately rollickingly rowdy and sensually seductive celebration of carnival time in Venice.
This is a rollickingly enjoyable, forgettable, cleverish book that--at least in English translation--doesn't quite answer the question satisfactorily.
Members of the audience who knew the tunes joined in on other, more upbeat songs that were made rollickingly enjoyable by Kanat's expert drumming.
They were tremendous, rollickingly good times but as Richard said, 'It was the work itself that was the wonder.
A rollickingly good boogie outfit, their gigs are of the no-holds-barred, no-nonsense variety.