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intr.v. rol·licked, rol·lick·ing, rol·licks
To behave or move in a carefree, frolicsome manner; romp.

[Origin unknown.]

rol′lick n.
rol′lick·some, rol′lick·y adj.
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rollicking or merry
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All women are supposed to be like timid, startled fawns, blushing and casting down their gentle eyes when looked at and running away when spoken to; while we man are supposed to be a bold and rollicky lot, and the poor dear little women admire us for it, but are terribly afraid of us.
We might imagine that we long for a rollicky, debased, and taboo-busting epic..
There was a note attached to the front that simply said "Merci." Pangborn stared for a minute at the delicate curves of the woman's penmanship, and then he began reading: Whistled Language Loves Her Lamb Last night I dreamt in Braille Each letter a dirigible Over which God's nimble Fingers do the walking Me talking you up proper, rollicky & as epiphanic as teacher's W-A-T-E-R Pressed into the excitable palm I want to be your personal Rosetta Stone Interpret this world for you through Love Chiseled in granite so that even when You're feeling blind with unknowing You can reach right out And run your long, your golden Holy Romans Over this solid, this lasting blessing