rolling blackout

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roll·ing blackout

A series of intentional electrical blackouts affecting small areas in succession as a means of conserving electricity when supply is low.
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Davis said that "fortuitously, the recent closure of San Onofre has proven the rolling blackout myth false, along with the outlandish claims of astronomical financial impacts to the state, effectively validating what we have said since the very beginning."
TEPCO, Japan's largest utility, said earlier this week it may impose a rolling blackout during an upcoming three-day weekend for Tokyo and the nine prefectures it serves.
-- Huffington Post: The ongoing collapse of book review sections at American newspapers, which has accelerated in recent months, is an intellectual brownout in progress that is beginning to look like a rolling blackout instead, writes Art Winslow.
"We will use this rolling blackout as a wake-up call For the need to modernize our delivery systems," he stated.
"One of the primary benefits of an onsite, stand-alone power system is the assurance of a reliable source of electricity, whether or not the grid is available, experiencing a rolling blackout, or down due to severe weather or other conditions.
If a rolling blackout is necessary, the government will make an announcement two hours before.
But even if that happens, the Brattle Group says, the resulting investment in power plants "would still fall short" of what is needed to keep the lights on - because it would translate to roughly one "load-shed event," meaning rolling blackout, per year.
plans to exclude central Tokyo from a rolling blackout program even if it is implemented this summer, company officials said Friday.
Rolling blackout will last in Kyrgyzstan until October, said Prime Minister Igor Chudinov during a a show on a local television channel.Igor Chudinov said the Toktogul water reservoir should accumulate 10 billion cubic meters of water.The Prime Minister said the government realizes inconveniences caused by rolling blackout, but they are necessary for economy."If we do not make this today, none of enterprises will work, since in February the water level will reach a critical level in February," he said.
MUSIC Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever churn out bright, energetic rock & roll taking cues from bands like Real Estate and fellow Aussies The Go-Betweens.
He's on the music stage line up alongside a packed list of performers including Ezra Furman, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Anna Calvi and The Wedding Present.
The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) on Wednesday announced there will be 'rolling blackouts' across Luzon due to an unexpected simultaneous shut down of five power plants.