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Verb1.roll down - gather into a huge mass and roll down a mountain, of snowroll down - gather into a huge mass and roll down a mountain, of snow
come down, descend, go down, fall - move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way; "The temperature is going down"; "The barometer is falling"; "The curtain fell on the diva"; "Her hand went up and then fell again"
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w>roll down

vi (ball, person, tears)hinunterrollen or -kugeln (inf)
vt sep carthinunterrollen; windowherunterlassen
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For it is the nature of a log or stone to remain motionless on level ground, and to move when on a slope; if four-cornered, to come to a standstill, but if round-shaped, to go rolling down.
Nikita again sprang lightly out, throwing down the reins, and went ahead to see what had brought him to a standstill, but hardly had he made a step in front of the horse before his feet slipped and he went rolling down an incline.
He was too occupied in shaking out the snow and searching for the whip he had dropped when rolling down the incline.
As it was, she started when he appeared at the end of the side-alley, and looked up at him with two great drops rolling down her cheeks.
Again a head shot swiftly out, and the great Lion went rolling down the hill as if he had been struck by a cannon ball.
The smoke of his rifle betrayed him, and I was no sooner on my feet than he was off his and rolling down the declivity.
This thought broke her down, and she wandered away, with tears rolling down her cheeks.
But, sir," he added, turning from her to the rest of the party, "the fog comes rolling down so fast, we shall have but just the time to meet it on the plain, and use it as a cover.
One evening, as they sat by the fountain in the garden, the little monkey kept gazing at Zayda with such sad and loving eyes that she and her mother could not think what to make of it, and they were still more surprised when they saw big tears rolling down his cheeks.
A spokeswoman for Cleveland Police said they received a call from a woman notifying them her car was "rolling down a hill".
Rabbits, Rabbits everywhere Hopping around, spring in the air Cotton tails looking bright Standing out, fluffy and White Children all excited, rabbits running out of sight Into burrows left and right Egg Rolling competition today That's why the rabbits ran away Hilltop reached, ready to roll Climbing the hill was not a stroll Rolling, rolling down they go Some were fast, some were slow So much colour could be seen On a hill of emerald green Children following, unsteady feet some take a spill Along with their eggs, rolling down the hill Cheers and laughter fills the air Eggs rolling everywhere Some went left, some went right Others were lost out of sight Finishing line nearly reached What a day for an Easter Treat.
Belande, in an interview with reporters, said he was able to free his hands from the plastic restraint and ran as quickly as he could, rolling down the hill and hiding in tall grasses.