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(rəul) noun
1. anything flat (eg a piece of paper, a carpet) rolled into the shape of a tube, wound round a tube etc. a roll of kitchen foil; a toilet-roll.
2. a small piece of baked bread dough, used eg for sandwiches. a cheese roll.
3. an act of rolling. Our dog loves a roll on the grass.
4. a ship's action of rocking from side to side. She said that the roll of the ship made her feel ill.
5. a long low sound. the roll of thunder.
6. a thick mass of flesh. I'd like to get rid of these rolls of fat round my waist.
7. a series of quick beats (on a drum).
1. to move by turning over like a wheel or ball. The coin/pencil rolled under the table; He rolled the ball towards the puppy; The ball rolled away.
2. to move on wheels, rollers etc. The children rolled the cart up the hill, then let it roll back down again.
3. to form (a piece of paper, a carpet) into the shape of a tube by winding. to roll the carpet back.
4. (of a person or animal in a lying position) to turn over. The doctor rolled the patient (over) on to his side; The dog rolled on to its back.
5. to shape (clay etc) into a ball or cylinder by turning it about between the hands. He rolled the clay into a ball.
6. to cover with something by rolling. When the little girl's dress caught fire, they rolled her in a blanket.
7. to make (something) flat or flatter by rolling something heavy over it. to roll a lawn; to roll pastry (out).
8. (of a ship) to rock from side to side while travelling forwards. The storm made the ship roll.
9. to make a series of low sounds. The thunder rolled; The drums rolled.
10. to move (one's eyes) round in a circle to express fear, surprise etc.
11. to travel in a car etc. We were rolling along merrily when a tyre burst.
12. (of waves, rivers etc) to move gently and steadily. The waves rolled in to the shore.
13. (of time) to pass. Months rolled by.
ˈroller noun
1. any of a number of tube-shaped objects, or machines fitted with one or more such objects, for flattening, crushing, printing etc. a garden roller; a road-roller.
2. a small tube-shaped object on which hair is wound to curl it.
3. a small solid wheel or cylinder on which something can be rolled along.
4. a long large wave on the sea.
ˈrolling adjective
(of a landscape) having low hills and shallow valleys, without steep slopes.
ˈroller-skate noun
a skate with wheels instead of a blade. a pair of roller-skates.
to move on roller-skates. You shouldn't roller-skate on the pavement.
ˈrolling-pin noun
a usually wooden roller for flattening out dough.
roll in verb
to come in or be got in large numbers or amounts. I'd like to own a chain store and watch the money rolling in.
roll up
1. to form into a roll. to roll up the carpet; He rolled up his sleeves.
2. to arrive. John rolled up ten minutes late.
3. (especially shouted to a crowd at a fair etc) to come near. Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the bearded lady!
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Mother, Mother, there has been an old man rat in the dairy--a dreadful 'normous big rat, Mother; and he's stolen a pat of butter and the rolling-pin."
"Who accuses the little girl, anyway?" inquired a rolling-pin. "What has she done?"
She then fell upon the ground and the boy rolled her back and forth like a rolling-pin, until the cotton had filled all the spaces in her patchwork covering and the body had lengthened to its fullest extent.