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1. The introduction of a new product, service, or policy to the public.
2. Football A play in which the quarterback runs toward a sideline after receiving the snap with the intention of passing the ball.


or roll′-out`,

1. the first public showing of an aircraft.
2. the introduction of a new product or service.
3. a football maneuver in which the quarterback moves laterally with the ball.


Maneuver in which a passer retreats behind the line of scrimmage and runs to the left or right before passing the ball.
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said it would accelerate the rollout of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) across the country.
MORE homes and businesses in Yorkshire have been reached by the Government's nationwide rollout of superfast broadband, latest figures reveal.
You can build a simple rollout drawer like the ones shown in a couple of hours for $20.
The Florida Department of Children and Families recently successfully completed the rollout of the ACCESS Management System Work Management system statewide.
The Navy announced a revised rollout plan for the new uniforms in NAVADMIN 004/08 (on the Web at www.
The internal communication team had an unprecedented opportunity to develop and execute a comprehensive communication and rollout strategy that would at once educate, empower and re-recruit employees to get behind the company and the PVBs, making Gap the great growth company it aspired to be.
Although running the two projects at the same time was quite a challenge, the monitoring rollout was successful," said Jyrki Auvinen, IT manager at the UPM Kajaani mill.
Agilent's broad range of OSS and communications test solutions provide visibility of UMTS network and service problems across the entire service lifecycle--from network planning, rollout and optimization to ongoing service troubleshooting and quality management.
Provide a method to rapidly respond to physician requests for system adjustment after rollout.
In either event, no income is recognized currently on the cash value of the policy in excess of the premiums paid, if the rollout occurs before 2004.
The 5-0 vote to re-establish the rollout team, which was disbanded in 1996 to cut costs, came amid a sweeping inquiry, based on testimony from a former officer, into alleged corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department.
LONDON -- Over 100 of the world's mobile operators, network equipment providers, outsourcers and handset/chipset manufacturers now rely on Actix for the rollout of LTE.