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1. The act or process of rolling over.
2. An accident in which a motor vehicle overturns.
3. The act or an instance of rolling over funds: an IRA rollover.


(ˈroʊlˌoʊ vər)
the reinvestment of funds, as from one stock or bond into another.
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Noun1.rollover - the act of changing the institution that invests your pension plan without incurring a tax penalty
change - the action of changing something; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"


[ˈrəʊləʊvər] n
(in lottery) enjeu auquel vient s'ajouter le gros lot du tirage précédent, faute de gagnant
[loan] → reconduction f
[vehicle] → tonneau m; [boat] → retournement mroll-top desk rolltop desk [ˌrəʊltɒpˈdɛsk] nbureau m à cylindreroll-up [ˈrəʊlʌp] n (British) (= cigarette) → cigarette f roulée
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Here's a look at some key retirement plan rollover basics from a team of compliance experts.
Significantly, 82 percent of the households with rollovers said they rolled over their entire account in their last rollover.
One of the major targets of the new DOL fiduciary rule is rollover services.
While rollover crashes account for about two percent of all automobile accidents, they constitute roughly one-third of all occupant fatalities--about 7,500 highway deaths each year in the U.
Exploring FX Tom/Next rollover for compliance with Shari'ah principles, by Raid Madiyeh, Senior Sales Trader, Saxo Bank.
The IRS clarified how the recently announced change in how it interprets the statutory one-rollover-per-year rule for individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) affects 2014 rollovers and how the rules apply starting in 2015.
The guidance reflects a change made earlier this year by a tax court ruling that said IRA holders can do only one IRA-to-IRA rollover per year.
Rollover contributions from employer plans to IRAs average more than $300 billion per year, and we expect that this trend will continue.
HISTORY will be made at Roscommon this evening as the Tote Pick6 is expected to surpass half a million following a rollover of €361,658 from Naas yesterday.
There is a provision in section 902 of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) that will benefit many taxpayers: if an employee's retirement plan includes a qualified Roth individual retirement account (IRA) contribution plan that permits in-plan Roth rollovers, the employee, regardless of age, may now choose to make an in-plan Roth rollover.
According to new research from Cerulli Associates, a Boston-based global analytics firm, retirement rollover contributions reached $321 billion as of year-end 2012.
British Gas is to end rollover contracts which have been criticised as uncompetitive .