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1. One that romps.
2. also rompers Any of various one-piece garments, often having short gathered legs, for infants or children.
3. A jumpsuit that has shorts.


a variant of romp5


(ˈrɒm pər)

1. a person or thing that romps.
2. Usu., rompers. (used with a pl. v.)
a. a one-piece garment combining a shirt and short, bloomerlike pants, worn by young children.
b. a similar garment worn by women and girls for leisure activity.


A ship which has moved more than 10 nautical miles ahead of its convoy, and is unable to rejoin it. See also straggler.
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Noun1.romper - a person who romps or frolics
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
2.romper - a one-piece garment for children to wear at playromper - a one-piece garment for children to wear at play; the lower part is shaped like bloomers
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
References in classic literature ?
One child--one dear little romper just six years old.
But it will be rompers next--and then trousers--and in no time he will be grown-up," she sighed.
Contract notice: Feasibility and planning study of the development of new aquatic equipment romper antony.
With the sun still blazing at the start of the new semester, a romper is the perfect way to stay fashionable and keep cool.
They include romper suits and bibs with the words "Mummy's little soldier" and "Here comes trouble".
Jaxon, dressed in a snowflake romper suit, took the introduction in his stride with beaming smiles for Santa.
Creeper Crawlers Crawl Suit THESE pure cotton romper suits have grippable little bugs up the shins and on the soles of the feet, which help tots crawl safely.
The future king has amazed his parents with his progress ever since his birth on July 22 and has already outgrown his first romper suits.
nment minent r's first em the ey give As well as the condoms - presumably to encourage parents to take a break before their next child - the box has a snowsuit, leggings, romper suits, a hooded towel, hairbrush, nappy cream and a teething toy.
With his Union flag onesie - adult romper suit - and matching duvet and pillow, Lieutenant Alan Garrett looked very much at home in a mock-up of a field camp bedroom.
These full-sized romper suits are undeniably cosy and comfortable - perfect for cold winter evenings.
FASHION Team GB Olympic adidas Great Britain cap, pounds 12 Cycling gold medal winner Victoria Pedleton in official Team GB gear - available from adidas shops, John Lewis and London 2012 stores Team GB striped romper suit, navy, pounds 12 Team GB Olympic adidas lion Olympic rings women's T-shirt, pounds 22 Available from all London 2012 shops, John Lewis and http://shop.