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Noun1.romper suit - a one-piece garment for children to wear at playromper suit - a one-piece garment for children to wear at play; the lower part is shaped like bloomers
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
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PS12, WHITE BRIDE I DO SLOGAN ROMPER: If a hen party sleepover is in store, the bride will look pretty in white in this 'I Do' romper suit.
According to ( Daily Mail , the romper suit with the Peter Pan collar that he is wearing under the wool jumper is a hand-me-down from Prince George.
I'd recommend dressing as his nanny and spanking him while he's in a romper suit.
Andy, in his blue and white romper suit and matching floppy hat, first appeared on the BBC on July 11, 1950, and the original 15-minute episodes were transmitted live.
And they went to a lot of effort for her Reputation world tour, sporting some of her most outlandish looks including the nude-look catsuit from the Ready For It and the orange romper suit from the feisty Look What You Made Me Do video and plenty of sequins.
One mother handed the Prince a romper suit and said it was a hint that he and Kate should get a move on.
Hugo Eric Scott, dressed in a Superman romper suit, was born three weeks ago yesterday and his name features tributes to both Mr Vicary's father who died in March and the famous British polar explorer.
The A-Rod, wearing the tradtional caddy's white romper suit, was allowed to take Johnson's tee shot at the final hole - and plopped his effort into the water.
In an 82-page judgment issued at the end of the trial, the three judges said there was proof Al Megrahi bought a bundle of clothes, including a baby's romper suit, at a shop in Malta on December 7,1988.
Leo, just seven days old, wore a pale blue romper suit with a matching hat as he emerged into the sunshine through the front door of Number 10 yesterday.
Prosecutor Jo Martin explained a onesie is "an adult baby romper suit".
Jaxon, dressed in a snowflake romper suit, took the introduction in his stride with beaming smiles for Santa.