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intr.v. romped, romp·ing, romps
1. To play or frolic boisterously.
2. To run or advance in a rapid or easy manner.
3. Slang To win a race or game easily.
a. Lively, merry play; frolic.
b. Lively or frolicsome play that encompasses lovemaking.
2. One, especially a girl, that sports and frolics.
3. A rapid or easy pace.
4. Slang An easy win.

[Alteration of ramp.]
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adj, rompingly
adv, rompish
adj, rompishly
adv (= lively and boisterous)ausgelassen, wild
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References in classic literature ?
The pious girl lectured her on her defects, the romping girl teased her with contemptuous references to her accomplishments, and was always trying to pick insensate quarrels with her about some "fellow" or other.
And Amelia (the romping sister) shan't worry you again.
Nor were they permitted to become intimate, to the extent of romping and playing with him, nor even of whistling to him along the deck.
Nearly everybody was abroad, chatting, singing, romping, or massed in lazy comfortable attitudes in the doorways.
They all consist of active, romping, mischievous evolutions, in which every limb is brought into requisition.
Laurie knew this pillow well, and had cause to regard it with deep aversion, having been unmercifully pummeled with it in former days when romping was allowed, and now frequently debarred by it from the seat he most coveted next ot Jo in the sofa corner.
She had romped with him in her frocks, she had gone on romping with him in her gowns.
Why do the little faces look so grave and solemn when they pause awhile from romping, and stand, deep wrapt, with straining eyes?
When her lessons were over, however, her ill-humour was generally over too: while riding her spirited pony, or romping with the dogs or her brothers and sister, but especially with her dear brother John, she was as happy as a lark.
In fact, there was no one to see but the servants, and when their master was away they lived a luxurious life below stairs, where there was a huge kitchen hung about with shining brass and pewter, and a large servants' hall where there were four or five abundant meals eaten every day, and where a great deal of lively romping went on when Mrs.
Three others were romping with a young bear, one pulling him by the chain and trying to set him at the others.
At Goodwood, 9.5 per cent told the ROMPING: survey of 1,000 race-goers by they had taken drugs on the course, and seven per cent at Haydock.