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Noun1.roof peak - the highest point of a roofroof peak - the highest point of a roof    
roof - a protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building
apex, acme, vertex, peak - the highest point (of something); "at the peak of the pyramid"
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the size of the building is 20~x 30" and has a pitched roof with the roof peak being 11~ tall.
A 2x4 stud brace runs from the front of the blind up at an angle to support the roof peak, so hunters must duck their heads when entering or exiting.
This was fixed with three diagonal braces from the roof peak to the sole plate on the north side.
The red tower of clay still pleases the eye, dividing the house, the sky beyond the roof peak, where views involve spruce, pines, marshes, lakes and the pall that gathers wet and grey over the ocean on troubled mornings, like dismal notions swept from Hades' crowded rooms-- but trees and fog don't matter, nor upon whom the fault lies for its half-blocked flue, its shoddiness that always meant even two days of wood smoke might set it ablaze.
In the past, designs for glass agricultural greenhouses have depended on roof peak vents for cooling the air inside.
Slate and metal roofs are so slippery, I use what some roofers call a "chicken ladder"--two wooden ladders pinned together at their top narrow ends, and draped in an upside-down "V" over the roof peak so you can get up either side.
The chateau is massive, its 60 feet from ground to roof peak encompassing 28,000 square feet; it stands on a hill just off the freeway.
A beam of 12" wide and 12" deep will be placed in the center of the slab running from end wall to end wall and parallel to the roof peak.
I cleaned both of the two end-wall vents under the roof peak, but the impact was only minimal.