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n. Slang
A tablet of the sedative flunitrazepam.

[Probably alteration (influenced by roof) of Rohypnol.]


(Medicine) drugs slang a dose of the sedative drug flunitrazepam


(ˈru fi)
Slang. Rohypnol.
[1990–95, Amer.; allegedly fr. its use by roofers]
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The organization plans to put the money it raises from this fundraiser toward efforts to stock bars and venues in the local night scene with free, accessible roofie testing kits.
Earlier, in Manila, the Philippine National Police had warned Filipinos against a new form of liquid roofie, "gamma hydroxybutyrate" that could be surreptitiously placed in drinks of unsuspecting persons.
weekend with Line 131, Strangler Needs A Manicure, Roofie Vulture, DCM, 9 p.
She said one of them said: "I'm going to roofie you and your daughter".
Like saying 'I love you' before you slip a roofie [tranquilliser] in her Earl Grey tea.
And then the wily animal slips her one, a kind of theological roofie, that seduces her.
24) is on a recovery mission following a succession of costly defeats in his quest to open his account, but Paul Young's lightly raced type has shown enough to suggest he can poke his head in front and he is fancied to turn the tables on recent conqueror Frankies Roofie.
Imitating his wife's voice) "She was drunk, Roofie darling.
Graham Rhodes, of the Roofie foundation, which provides support to victims of drug-rape and other sexual offences, said: "I think the police should be held to account.
Street names: the 'forget me pill', Rophy, Roofie, Forget it, Mexican valium, Roach
And Graham Rhodes, of the Roofie Foundation, who campaign on the issue, said drug suppliers were experts at coming up with new ways to get around the law.