roofing nail

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roof′ing nail`

a short nail for nailing asphalt shingles or the like, having a broad head.
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* 1-1-3/4 inch roofing nail (electro galvanized preferred)
Nail it to the top of the window frame with roofing nails. Drape the curtain to one side of the window over another roofing nail which is used as a tie-back.
His investment involved the purchase of diamond-tipped blades, cement shears, and roofing nail guns.
OVER RIDGE: Rapid Ridge ridge vent can be easily installed with any pneumatic roofing nail gun to provide weather protection for metric asphalt and fiberglass shingles.
It's a wonderful, restful sound," says Seattle gardener Homer Harris, who used a roofing nail to put a few holes in a rain gutter so that water would drip onto the leaves of his Fatsia Japonica.
Flip the tool around and insert a roofing nail into the nail slot.
A large-head roofing nail (1-1/2 inches long) holds each wheel in place.
Another recent invention is the screw-in roofing nail. These fit into a special tool that attaches to an electric drill.
Yaw Gyan, on behalf of the MP and MCE, included 13 bundles of roofing sheets, 10 yards of roofing belts, and six boxes of roofing nails among other building materials.
Able Group is a company that has been steadily growing over the many years that we have been in partnership with them and we are confident that this new deal will be mutually beneficial for our individual businesses." Able Group has been partnering with Patta International for their wide range of building materials including fastners, different types of screws, blind rivets, rivet nuts, nails, bolts and nuts, wall plugs, concrete nails, roofing nails, self-drilling screws and various hand tools for over 10 years.
As you suggest, some of the roofing nails are likely to slip between the boards and not provide adequate attachment for the shingles.