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 (ro͞o′mē, ro͝om′ē)
adj. room·i·er, room·i·est
Having plenty of room; spacious: a roomy car that seats six comfortably. See Synonyms at spacious.

room′i·ly adv.
room′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.roomily - with ample room; "the furniture was spaciously spread out"
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Surprisingly, the Evora is not as difficult to get into as some low-slung sports cars I have driven and the space for the driver is roomily snug.
If they fit roomily and range broadly under the rubric of "fraudulence," it is because that rubric is writ particularly large.
Decked out in a roomily ill-fitting pinstriped suit (Blimey Duncan, surely you've got the bread to go bespoke?