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intr.v. roos·ter-tailed, roos·ter-tail·ing, roos·ter-tails
To move or turn in such a way as to project a rooster tail: "I got the car cranked and we rooster-tailed out of there" (Roy Blount).
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You might think that Sea-Doo you're rooster-tailing around the lake on is a jet ski, but the good people at Kawasaki know there is only one manufacturer of Jet Skis Kawasaki.
A Ranger rooster-tailing out back of the body shop, furniture warehouse and Costco?
In spite of words of caution from our Isuzu engineers, the fine sand of the Paoay dunes and pebbled beaches of Bangui seemed little match for the pickup, navigating (or rather rooster-tailing) through the slippery surfaces in 4x4 high most of the time.