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n. pl. roosterfish or roost·er·fish·es
A large game fish (Nematistius pectoralis) of the eastern Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California to Peru, having several long thin dorsal spines that resemble a rooster's comb.
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If you are jonesing to get down to Panama or Costa Rica, you'll encounter black and blue marlins, mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna and roosterfish. Sails will be hungry on the Pacific side too.
Finescale Triggerfish (Balistes polylepis) and Roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis) presence in temperate waters off Baja California, Mexico: Evidence of El Nino conditions.
Post-release survival and movements patterns of roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis) off the central American coastline
Multispecies [much greater than] Roosterfish, amberjack, snappers, and much more await inshore anglers with heavy bass tackle.
sierra are the roosterfish Nematistius pectoralis, sailfish Istiophorus platypterus, sea lion Zalophus californianus; all predators located on a similar trophic level (Fischer et al.
THIS specimen, tipping the scales at 10lb 8oz, is a roosterfish, caught by Tillicoultry angler Alan Stirling off Baja, Mexico.
For years, Manzanillo has hosted an annual international sailfish tournament in November, when record-size marlin, sailfish, tuna and roosterfish are caught.
Only a few decades ago, this was "the world's greatest fish trap," as Ray Cannon wrote in The Sea of Cortez, with "acres of roosterfish," "mile long schools of migrating totuaba," "teeming swarms of Cortez grunion," and all class of marlin, sailfish, jack and snook and bass and grouper and sardine and tuna, "massive aggregations," "hordes," and "throngs." Most spectacular of all were the "fish pileups," when the sea would suddenly erupt into a boiling curtain of silver, up to a mile long and two to three feet into the air, as the sardines were literally driven out of the water by schools of migrating game fish.
At La Unica, the desert reaches all the way down to the sea in classic Cortez fashion; roosterfish hunting for mullet surge onto the shore, while coyotes leave their tracks in the soft sand along the water's edge, just inches away from stingrays.
Not long thereafter, another vessel was spotted and confiscated with a semi-truckload of roosterfish taken from Frailes Bay.
Farther south in Central America, this is a good time to sight fish for roosterfish in places like Costa Rica and Panama.