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Noun1.root beer float - an ice-cream soda made with ice cream floating in root beerroot beer float - an ice-cream soda made with ice cream floating in root beer
ice-cream float, ice-cream soda, float - a drink with ice cream floating in it
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Finally, skip the soda shop and pile that same sparkling sensation into a crust with an unconventional slice of root beer float pie.
A&W Restaurants--which hosts National Root Beer Float Day each year on Aug.
And since kids got (and continue to get) Peeps in their Easter baskets, the proliferation of Peeps has continued unabated, Not only do Peeps come in bunny, egg, pumpkin and tree shapes, but flavors including sour watermelon and root beer float. There are two Peeps & Co.
More traditional best-sellers include the Mississippi Mud (coffee, hot fudge, and cookie pieces) and Whopper (malted chocolate) milkshakes, and a Barq's root beer float. If you come for breakfast, the Little Levi is an interesting choice; it's a combo of Spam, bacon, egg, and American cheese pressed on ciabatta bread.
Of course, all this food with that campfire theme should go with a root beer float that just goes with all food you yearn for as you cater to your juvenile cravings.
With Ambassador Bienvenido 'Benny' Tantoco as his lolo and businessman Rico Tantoco as his father, Donnie Tantoco learned about what it takes to be a man and to be a father not through words but by being allowed to experience the world firsthand, from having his first taste of root beer float in Waikiki Beach at age 11 as his Lolo Benny's introduction to the 'classroom of the world' to days spent working on the farm and climbing trees along Ayala Avenue in his teens as he helped spruce up the metro for Christmastime.
Customers who enjoy United's snackboxes can now purchase a newly designed Classic Snackbox that has been updated to have a more 'Americana' flavor with items like a SMASHMALLOW[R] root beer float marshmallow, pretzels, Oreo cookies, and Twizzlers.
There will also be a root beer float and banana pudding as their 'Encore' desserts.
I decided to go for the Root Beer Float (PS3.95), having never had one before, but I think there's a reason the American favourite hasn't taken off on this side of the pond.
Freezer Burn will serve drinks too-ice cream floats (Cherry Dark Chocolate Spritz, Mint Chip Soda, Butter Root Beer Float, Orange Cream Soda), milk shakes, and what they call 'the richest hot chocolate' (milk, white or dark).
This included a Rum Java Root Beer Float, which topped off the traditional dessert drink with a shot of spiced rum.
AFTERNOON A long hike on the Atalaya Mountain Trail in New Mexico, followed by an amazing green chilli bacon cheeseburger at Santa Fe BITE and a root beer float. Made with Soda Folk, of course.