root canal therapy

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root′ canal` ther`apy

1. the branch of endodontics that treats disease of the dental pulp.
2. a treatment for such disease in which the pulp is removed and replaced by filling material.
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Hence known as the minor diameter of the canal.2 The most challenging step in the root canal therapy is determining the accurate working length.
As root canal morphology of maxillary premolars varies largely in the elderly, providing optimal root canal therapy in such patients can be challenging.
Three weeks after scaling and root planning, root canal therapy was done on all relevant teeth.
In certain--although rare--cases when a cat's tooth is damaged, treatment options extend beyond root canal therapy and extractions.
The patient was successfully treated with Root Canal Therapy where the necrotic pulp was extirpated using barbed broach later the canal was prepared with files and reamers using a step back technique irrigation with 3% sodium hypochlorite solution and saline.
The frequency of exposed teeth requiring root canal therapy in descending order were mandibular 1st Molar (19.5%), maxillary first molar (17.5%),maxillary second molar (13.5%), mandibular second molar (12.5%), mandibular second pre molar (9%), maxillary central incisors (8%), maxillary second premolar (6%), maxillary canine (4%), mandibular canine (3%), maxillary first premolar and lateral incisors (2.5%) each, and mandibular first premolar and lateral incisors (1%) each.
Wiring at the cervical area of the tooth provided sufficient rigidity to the mobile fragment to successfully accomplish the root canal therapy.
In his lecture, he reviewed the latest developments in the dental root canal therapy. The workshop aims at providing basic information for the dental root canal treatment, theoretical and practical training for dentists at the primary health institutions.
A simple filling may do but if the nerve of the tooth is affected, it may need root canal therapy first, then a filling.