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 (ro͞o′tē, ro͝ot′ē)
adj. root·i·er, root·i·est
1. Full or consisting of roots: rooty soil.
2. Suggestive of or resembling roots.

root′i·ness n.
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Wood said: "I was a bit shocked when Rooty told me the day before that I'd be opening the bowling, what with Anderson and Broad such a prolific partnership.
Next year we will upgrade Rooty Hill Station, which is an important link from Western Sydney suburbs into Parramatta and the Sydney CBD.
Frankie Bridge has taken the next step in her hairstyle evolution by becoming a very gorgeous rooty blonde.
Maybe I'll speak to Rooty (Test captain Joe Root) about it.
81 Eastern Road, Rooty Hill, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2766
By playing more low-(Root's) grow and and stronger goes Alastair "It will be the same for Rooty, unfortunately (one day) - once you're England captain, you're always going to be a former England captain.
I think Rooty wants me to attack a bit more," added the 30-year-old, who hit 87 in an England total which owed most to the captain's own 190.
I know a lot of responsibility has been taken by Cooky and Rooty (in recent Tests), and I think it's important for the other lads to help them out," he said.
Rooty and Cookie set a good platform and we'd have liked to have kicked on.
Rooty (Joe Root) got one that perhaps kept a fraction lower, and a couple have nipped back.
Ben's in great touch, he was supported by Rooty in that stand and then for Rooty to go on and get 100 on that wicket, he played exceptionally and then it was over to Stuart and Jimmy," Cook said.
Then the way James Taylor, and particularly Rooty, played was just phenomenal batting today.