rope burn

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Noun1.rope burn - abrasion (usually on the hands) caused by friction from a rope
excoriation, scratch, scrape - an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off
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Among the contents of the bag are a whistle, flashlight, masks for dust and smoke (Mercado added an anti-viral mask), a rope strong enough for going down a window, gloves to prevent rope burn, and a super light sheet of fire-retardant material that looks like silver foil, which can be worn to escape from a fire.
* Four-foot leash: Barrera likes the Kong Reflective Traffic Dog Leash ($31.49, because it provides increased control with two handles, both of which are padded so you don't get rope burn.
She looked at the ceiling, and realised that dangerous tasks lay ahead for her She had to swing from a piece of rope that gave her such terrible rope burn and sweaty hands.
He was reportedly recovering from rope burn and a few bruises on Saturday, KOHN reports.
For the poet "the stories merge; they smell like papaya rind rubbed over rope burn on a palm."
There, he underwent treatment for his broken pelvis, severe rope burn and arterial damage to his leg.
One author, Frederick Kiley, chose to undergo some of the torture, including the 'rope burn" in order to "get the feel of it." Most, if not quite all, authors would rather choose to distance themselves from such personal contact!
Rope burn is never fun, and when tubing or waterskiing, every participant --rider, driver and passenger--could be in the unpredictable path of the tow rope.
Main character Faith quickly gets caught up in a generic conspiracy involving politicians, police and characters with increasingly ridiculous names like "Jackknife" and "Rope Burn."
I also had enough rope burn to make even "King of the Tube" never want to see (no pun intended) a ski rope again.
It could be a simple rope burn or severe, either way it will cost.