rope in

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rope in

vb (tr, adverb)
1. Brit to persuade to take part in some activity
2. US and Canadian to trick or entice into some activity
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Verb1.rope in - divide by means of a rope; "The police roped off the area where the crime occurred"
inclose, shut in, close in, enclose - surround completely; "Darkness enclosed him"; "They closed in the porch with a fence"
2.rope in - draw in as if with a rope; lure; "The agent had roped in several customers"
persuade - cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action; twist somebody's arm; "You can't persuade me to buy this ugly vase!"
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يَشْمَل، يُقْنِعه على الإنْضِماميُقْنِعُ ب
houkutella tekemään jotain
fá til aî vera meî
ikna edip yaptırmakinandırmak
lôi kéo

w>rope in

vt sep
area(mit einem Seil) abgrenzen; cattlemit einem Seil einfrieden
(esp Brit fig) → rankriegen (inf); how did you get roped into that?wie bist du denn da reingeraten? (inf); I don’t want to get roped into helpingich will nicht, dass die mich zum Helfen rankriegen (inf)
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(rəup) noun
(a) thick cord, made by twisting together lengths of hemp, nylon etc. He tied it with a (piece of) rope; a skipping rope.
1. to tie or fasten with a rope. He roped the suitcase to the roof of the car.
2. to catch with a rope; to lasso. to rope a calf.
ˌrope-ˈladder noun
a ladder made of rope.
rope in
to include; to persuade to join in. We roped him in to help.
rope off
to put a rope round or across (a place) in order to prevent people going in. The end of the room was roped off for the most important guests.
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rope in

يُقْنِعُ ب ukecat overtale hineinziehen παρασύρω convencer, enganchar houkutella tekemään jotain embringuer namamiti coinvolgere 人を誘い込む 설득하다 overreden kapre otoczyć kordonem persuadir вовлекать inhägna ชักชวนให้เข้าร่วม inandırmak lôi kéo 说服…参加
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For several months the tribe hovered near the beach where stood Tarzan's cabin, and his studies took up the greater portion of his time, but always when journeying through the forest he kept his rope in readiness, and many were the smaller animals that fell into the snare of the quick thrown noose.
The trailing rope in their hands, to his neck, he had forgotten.
For ever, as long as he lived and breathed, would he be a prisoner and slave to the rope in the ring in his nostril.