rope off

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Verb1.rope off - divide by means of a rope; "The police roped off the area where the crime occurred"
inclose, shut in, close in, enclose - surround completely; "Darkness enclosed him"; "They closed in the porch with a fence"
يَضَعُ حَبْلا لِمَنْع النّاس من الدُّخول
oddělit provazem
kötél: kötéllel elkerít
girîa af
ohradiť/oddeliť lanom
iple ayırmak

w>rope off

vt sep areamit einem Seil abgrenzen


(rəup) noun
(a) thick cord, made by twisting together lengths of hemp, nylon etc. He tied it with a (piece of) rope; a skipping rope.
1. to tie or fasten with a rope. He roped the suitcase to the roof of the car.
2. to catch with a rope; to lasso. to rope a calf.
ˌrope-ˈladder noun
a ladder made of rope.
rope in
to include; to persuade to join in. We roped him in to help.
rope off
to put a rope round or across (a place) in order to prevent people going in. The end of the room was roped off for the most important guests.
References in classic literature ?
He without replying a word took the rope off his wrist, and rising to his feet leaped upon Rocinante, braced his buckler on his arm, put his lance in rest, and making a considerable circuit of the plain came back at a half-gallop exclaiming:
But imagine hanging from a rope off a hundred storey high rise, with a bucket and a mop, cleaning the facade of a building inch by inch.
At Ballysillan they want to cut staffing to such an extent they will need to rope off part of the pool.
With the help of some other people, we managed to peel the rope off bit by bit.
They paid to rope off the entire surrounding area so she could really let loose.
Police officers and witnesses at the execution site rushed forward and pushed the dangling man up by his legs to take the pressure of the rope off his neck.