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1. A long alley or covered pathway where strands of material, such as hemp fiber, are laid and twisted into rope.
2. A long narrow building containing such a pathway.


a long narrow usually covered path or shed where ropes are made



a long, narrow building where ropes are made.
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Noun1.ropewalk - workplace consisting of a long narrow path or shed where rope is made
workplace, work - a place where work is done; "he arrived at work early today"
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Personal injury and clinical negligence - leading silks Jayne Adams QC, Ropewalk Chambers 'Level-headed and very approachable.
It is understood that the store will be based inside the old BHS within the Ropewalk Shopping Centre.
In addition to the now established triple prize draw for members, those planning to travel with HTSA to Burnley should also know that we have made special arrangements for the Ropewalk to open early that day.
Definate Opinion got away smartly from six and led up from Ropewalk Wonder and Rough Robinho.
FROM the outside, The Ropewalk looks like an upmarket pub in a smart part of the city centre.
I REMEMBER one slightly drunken evening vowing never to step foot in The Ropewalk again.
The company has now added Ropewalk Amber Ale in New Mexico.
The super aquatic galleries are very simple and workmanlike, with white walls and plank floors like a ropewalk.
Midland circuit - leading sets No5 Barristers Chambers B'ham, Leicester St Philips Chambers Birmingham 1 2 Ropewalk Chambers Nottingham St Ives Chambers Birmingham 3PB Birmingham Cornwall Street Chambers B'ham KCH Garden Square Nottingham Kings Chambers Birmingham No.
Members of the Royal British Legion, Nuneaton's MP Marcus Jones and the borough's mayor Coun Jill Sheppard gathered at The Ropewalk Shopping Centre for the launch.
He will renew Harold's Cross rivalry with Ropewalk Wonder, while he will also be opposed by heat winners Green St Lass and Gunner plus brilliant six-bend performer Corporate Attack.
has announced the introduction of Ropewalk Amber Ale, a beer named in tribute to the brewery building, which was a hemp rope factory a century ago.