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Noun1.rophy - street names for flunitrazepan
flunitrazepan, Rohypnol - a depressant and tranquilizer (trade name Rohypnol) often used in the commission of sexual assault; legally available in Europe and Mexico and Colombia
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54 r 695m ing n fellow rophy Rubys good in both defeat six ben June vey' can ue in hea ta the over hav given TV Tr finalist Rascal races here i victory and of late.
hEro Gordon's wheelchair singles rophy Gordon was the Disability Sports Award winner at last year's Sunday Mail Scottish Sports Awards, where Jamie and Andy were named joint sports personalities of the year.
00pm Sunday 29th March 2015 GLASGOW TIGERS v EDINBURGH MONARCHS SpringTrophy rophy
Worcester City director Rich Widdowson said: "We have taken 1,000 fans to away matches in the FA rophy and big matches in the third or fourth qualifying rounds.
AFASHION craze manufacturer which has kitted out boybands, sports stars, TV presenters and reality show contestants had the Small Business t rophy sewn up at an awards event.
ROPHY TIME: Innes Bamford is pictured with Jim Robison (Commadore)
rophy will be d off at the homes lucky youngsters hat win and then collected the next morning.
Every year tournaments like Tamchon rophy, Subroto Cup and Independence Cup are organised to identify talented footballers and promote them at the national level.
Despite this disappointment, Boulden will be in buoyant mood as she turns out this week for Great Britain and Ireland in the AstorT rophy at Fairhaven in Lancashire and next week in the Vagliano Trophy match against the Continent of Europe at Royal Porthcawl.
Now the two Ulstermen and close friends are expected to re-ignite their pairing which helped destroy continental Europe in last year's Seve T rophy.
Significant endometrial at rophy makes visualization of tubal ostia much easier and facilitates proper placement of Essure micro inserts.