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also rop·ey  (rō′pē)
adj. rop·i·er, rop·i·est
1. Resembling a rope or ropes.
2. Forming sticky glutinous strings or threads, as some liquids.

rop′i·ly adv.
rop′i·ness n.
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(ˈroʊ pi)

adj. rop•i•er, rop•i•est.
1. resembling rope: ropy muscles.
2. forming viscid or glutinous threads, as a liquid.
rop′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.ropy - of or resembling rope (or ropes) in being long and strong
2.ropy - forming viscous or glutinous threads
thick - relatively dense in consistency; "thick cream"; "thick soup"; "thick smoke"; "thick fog"
3.ropy - (British informal) very poor in quality; "ropey food"; "a ropey performance"
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
Britain, Great Britain, U.K., UK, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom
inferior - of low or inferior quality
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ropey [ˈrəʊpɪ] (Brit) ADJ (ropier (compar) (ropiest (superl))) (= off colour) → pachucho, chungo; (= weak) [plan, argument etc] → nada convincente, flojo; (= sinewy) [muscles, arms] → fibroso
I feel a bit ropeyme siento un poco chungo, no me siento del todo bien
this car looks a bit ropeyeste coche parece una auténtica tartana
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adj (+er) (Brit inf: = bad) → miserabel (inf); (= worn)mitgenommen; the engine is a bit ropyder Motor pfeift auf dem letzten Loch (inf)
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ropey [ˈrəʊpɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (fam) → scadente
to feel rop(e)y (ill) → sentirsi male
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He was content to eat the leavings, the big tough carrots and the little ropy ones, rather than to venture a short distance farther on to where the carrots were as yet untouched.
Sancho kept spitting from time to time, and his spittle seemed somewhat ropy and dry, observing which the compassionate squire of the Grove said, "It seems to me that with all this talk of ours our tongues are sticking to the roofs of our mouths; but I have a pretty good loosener hanging from the saddle-bow of my horse," and getting up he came back the next minute with a large bota of wine and a pasty half a yard across; and this is no exaggeration, for it was made of a house rabbit so big that Sancho, as he handled it, took it to be made of a goat, not to say a kid, and looking at it he said, "And do you carry this with you, senor?"
The pair met at the Nelson Mandela 90th birthday concert in Hyde Park last summer, and Quincy was very taken with Amy - despite her ropy performance.
The cover of Enter Sandman was ropy but Take On Me saved the night.
A recent string of ropy performances means Wanderers are doomed to spend next season back in the First Division.
Fitness levels in the old days can't have been too ropy can they?
Most of them are pretty ropy looking but one isn't and we've had a few chats.
RAFAEL BENITEZ last night raged a the ropy referee who wrecked Liverpool's dream of becoming world champions in Japan.
TV chefs Brian Turner and Peter McCoy are being brought into the battle to improve the sometimes ropy quality of the food at the country's racecourses.
Even by the notoriously ropy standards of football ground sausage rolls these were rough.
It's probably something to do with the fact she can wear a pair of dodgy pink trainers and some ropy spray-on jeans but still look like the height of cool.