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[French, from Old French, roquete; see rocket2.]


(Plants) another word for rocket21


(əˈru gə lə)

a Mediterranean plant, Eruca vesicaria sativa, of the mustard family, having pungent leaves used esp. in salads. Also called rocket .
[1965–70; appar. < an Upper Italian form akin to Lombard arigola, Venetian rucola < Latin ērūca arugula]
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Noun1.roquette - erect European annual often grown as a salad crop to be harvested when young and tenderroquette - erect European annual often grown as a salad crop to be harvested when young and tender
Eruca, genus Eruca - annual to perennial herbs of the Mediterranean region
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
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Address : 630, Chemin de la CommuneCS 13100 06550 La Roquette sur Siagne
Le Premier ministre du Yemen, Khaled Bahah, est sorti indemne d'une attaque a la roquette hier matin contre son hotel a Aden, capitale [beaucoup moins que] provisoire [beaucoup plus grand que] du pays ravage par un conflit intercommunautaire, a annonce le ministre de la Jeunesse et des Sports, Nayef al-Bakri.
Roquette has added a production unit dedicated to microalgae at its industrial site in Lestrem (Pas de Calais, France).
This year, Roquette presented its global solutions at Vitafoods.
The technical partnership of the company with Roquette allowed it to develop an entire line of fabrics coated with bio-based TPOs that are free of phthalates and PVCs.
Au moins 24 policiers ont ete tues et trois autres blesses, lundi, dans une attaque a la roquette sur la route entre Al rich et Rafah, dans le nord de Sinai, a indique l'agence de presse MENA.
Roquette and Rhodia Acetow have signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to develop new plant-based polymers.
Recognizing the technological and economic constraints encountered by food producers, the Roquette (hall 1, stand 1h15) development teams have dedicated the unique properties of their vegetable proteins, fibres, sugar substitutes and starches to the creation of new recipes - recipes that they intend to share with visitors to FiE.
The directly compressible polyols used in this study were maltitol (SweetPearl P300DC; Roquette Freres, France), xylitol (XYLISORB DC; Roquette Freres, France) and sorbitol (NEOSORB P300DC; Roquette Freres, France).
Biomass is becoming an alternative feedstock to crude oil but for the moment our target is not to replace crude oil but to increase our share of certain markets with biomaterials which are competitive in terms of their cost and technology," said Christophe Rupp-Dahlem, programs director for vegetable-based chemistry at Roquette, a leading global producer of starches and starch derivatives which supplies biomaterials for coatings producers.
The action follows complaints from European producer Roquette, based in Britain and Germany, about the dumping of cut-priced Chinese dry sodium gluconate in Europe that had caused its commercial health "material injury".