Rose diamond

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a diamond, one side of which is flat, and the other cut into twenty-four triangular facets in two ranges which form a convex face pointed at the top. Cf. Brilliant, n.

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Possibly solNecessaire (1889): sapphires, emeralds, e Pendant (1886): with rose Diamonds g from nest.
Tiara: 79 emeralds (22 large, 57 small), 1002 brilliants, 264 rose diamonds Necklace: 30 emeralds, 864 brilliants and 264 rose diamonds Earrings: 6 emeralds, 66 brilliants and 48 rose diamonds Comb: 23 emeralds, 226 brilliants, 54 rose diamonds Belt clasp: 5 emeralds, 107 brilliants (6)
These particular beauties are in blue-black or powder-blue enamel set in solid gold cage-work mounts with the Czar's cipher in rose diamonds.
England's Tudor rose, made from gold and silver bullion and rose diamonds, is on the sleeves.
I recall particularly Catherine the Great's saddle-cloth, edged entirely with swags of rose diamonds.
The stands with their gleaming cabinets have never looked more appetising and somehow there seemed to be a spirit of spring in the air, an atmosphere compounded of the shimmer of old glass mixed in with the brilliant blue skies of early watercolours or perhaps the glint of old rose diamonds things which give a quiet joy to those who love them.
And if pea-green jade, carved in the form of a pea and set with rose diamonds is your kind of thing, you need look no further.
Best known for the glittering, intricate Easter eggs that were commissioned annually from him by the Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II, Faberge also created for the super wealthy many objets d'art, ravishing examples of which are still to befound in London today in the fairytale cabinets of Wartski, the Faberge specialists at 14 Grafton Street, where limpid aquamarines set in rose diamonds blend perfectly with gold boxes enamelled in colours of Rose Pompadour and many other marvels.
Amongst many treasures I noticed a tiny bracelet for a diminutive wrist, comprising links of twinkling rose diamonds set in the palest of pink coral imaginable.
But if you had an indulgent husband who was prepared to give you a little more money to spend you might well have bought a set of hair combs where turquoise and tiny rose diamonds made a marvellous combination when set into tortoiseshell and your husband would probably have approved when you sat with dinner guests looking rather fine.
But in the stem of this elegant thing, as small as a lorgnette, tiny rose diamonds sparkled sprightly today as they did a century ago.
The illustrations include two pictures of gunmetal cases set with rose diamonds.