rose-breasted cockatoo

rose-breast·ed cockatoo

See galah.
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Abstract: A 9-year-old female rose-breasted cockatoo (Eolophus roseicapilla) was presented for a humeral fracture.
Key words: neoplasia, lipoma, intraosseous, bone, fracture, avian, rose-breasted cockatoo, Eolophus roseicapilla
He says the thieves took three Patagonian conures worth $950 each, a caique parrot worth $1,400, a rose-breasted cockatoo worth $2,200, and a yellow nape Amazon parrot worth $2,500.
A rose-breasted cockatoo stowed away on a cruise ship and ended up getting a free private room during its stay.
Found mostly in Australia, the galah cockatoo, also known as the rose-breasted cockatoo, undergoes various mutations.
The bird was taken along with a rose-breasted cockatoo during a burglary in Newcastle earlier this month.
Appealing for the return of the birds, police said: "The African Grey parrot has one leg, swears a lot and has a catchphrase of 'what's it to you?', while the rose-breasted cockatoo says 'what's up?'."
The domes meant they could recreate more of the variety of the Australian landscape and the calls of kookaburras and galahs - or rose-breasted cockatoos - no longer needed to be provided by a recorded soundtrack.
Archibald MacLeish called it "the most brilliant in New York." (87-88) Though not a celebrity in the Richard Burton or James Joyce sense, Rob Ensign is a Thomas Wolfe Society celebrity, and his memoir--The Sighing of Rose-Breasted Cockatoos: The Search for the Sunlit Clearing (Inkwater Press, 2012)--offers a look into the adoptee's journey to find "the place of ultimate belonging." Ensign writes that he had "a bodily sense that I straddled two parallel universes" (42), and this book describes his struggle toward unifying them--including details of his search for his birth parents and other family members, an intriguing detective story in itself.
Look around, though, and the birds are all caged - something like 65 pairs of them in all, beautiful breeding pairs of scarlet macaws, military macaws, African gray parrots and rose-breasted cockatoos, housed in wire cages arranged in clusters spread out beneath the trees.
A pair of rose-breasted cockatoos are among the more than 60 breeding pairs of exotic and colorful birds owned by Smith.
* Robert Ensign--The Sighing of Rose-Breasted Cockatoos: The Search for the Sunlit Clearing (Inkwater Press, 2012).