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Adj.1.rose-tinged - of a color tinged with rose
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Why, if you will believe me, there was a small figure of a girl, dressed all in white, with rose-tinged cheeks and ringlets of golden hue, playing about the garden with the two children!
But the rest will be white or at best rose-tinged. When they take flight the black primaries contrast with the deep pink secondaries now exposed.
Add to that the equally exquisite rose-tinged Prosciutto San Daniele (Friuli), with a distinct nibble, sweet and delicate.
Even amongst the rose-tinged view of our intellectual prowess, we, as a collective society fail in the face of one obstacle.
There are some rose-tinged floral notes that come through on the mid palate right on to a delicious finish.