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n. pl. ro·shis
The spiritual leader of a group of Zen Buddhists.

[Japanese rōshi, old master.]


(Buddhism) a teacher of Zen Buddhism


(ˈroʊ ʃi)
the religious leader of a group of Zen Buddhists.
[1930–35; < Japanese rōshi]
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After various discussions and suggestions on specific articles of the draft law, Enver Roshi filed the draft law on the vote, which was approved by the members of the commission per article and in its entirety.
The streets of Bati Kot town in Nangarhar are still full of little Roshi's exploits with the slingshot.
"The situation was I had two other players who weren't going originally going to be in the team either - Kristi Qose and Odise Roshi.
The premise in "Embracing Life as It Is: Lessons from Wabi-Sabi, Haiku, and Zen" by clinical psychologist Alan Gettis and Carl Bachmann (who received Dharma transmission from Roshi Robert Kennedy in 2010 and obtained the White Plum Asanga title of sensei.
Roshi set the early pace and topped the ladder board with total 288 pins in two games.
QUETTA -- A man died and four other sustained injuries when a vehicle overturned near Roshi's mountain area of Kalat district on Tuesday.
Odise Roshi latched on to it and went round rookie goalkeeper Connal Trueman only to be felled.
Narita Roshi fue el primer discipulo confirmado en el Dharma por el Maestro Kodo Sawaki.
Roshi Motman, CEO, said that the firm has signed an agreement with Mahindra Comviva for the initiative.
A gifted teacher from the Bay Area's early Zen scene in the 1970s, Katherine Thanas founded the Monterey Bay Zen Center after studying under Suzuki Roshi at the San Francisco Zen Center.