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adj. ros·i·er, ros·i·est
a. Having the characteristic pink or red color of a rose.
b. Reddened, as from exercise or exposure to the weather: children with rosy cheeks.
2. Consisting of, decorated with, or suggestive of a rose or roses.
3. Bright or cheerful; optimistic: rosy predictions.

ros′i·ly adv.
ros′i·ness n.
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References in classic literature ?
He had grown, become rosier, had curly dark hair, and, when merry and laughing, quite unconsciously lifted the upper lip of his pretty little mouth just as the little princess used to do.
He was not tall, though as broadly built as Alexey, and handsomer and rosier than he; he had a red nose, and an open, drunken-looking face.
Leaf after leaf of the fine gold he brought to the poor, and the children's faces grew rosier, and they laughed and played games in the street.
It was a younger, slighter, rosier beauty - lovely indeed, but with far less dignity and depth of soul - without that indefinable grace, that keenly spiritual yet gentle charm, that ineffable power to attract and subjugate the heart - my heart at least.
Shaw did n't expect to see Polly, for he had left her very busy, and now a light snow was falling; but, as he turned into the mall there was the round hat, and under it the bright face, looking all the rosier for being powdered with snow-flakes, as Polly came running to meet him.
They opened my eyes to the rosier aspect of the noble art, as presently practised on the right side of the Atlantic.
To prove that the specified peening results can be consistently achieved in a turbine based peening system, Rosier conducted extensive shot blast trials at the Rosier test center.
The Lady Maroons drew a combined 45 points from Molde, Buitre and Rosier and the three are expected to pour on the heat anew even as FEU deals with an injury dilemma with Celine Domingo, who remains a doubtful starter following her late exit in Game 1.
Isa Molde, Marian Buitre and Rosier combined to carry the Lady Maroons from the brink of sweep to a sweep in reverse over a shell-shocked FEU side that came into the best-of-three finals oozing with confidence against a team making its first ever finals appearance in any women's volley league.
According to Rosier, the human face is like an alphabet, a combination of elements that designate the singularity of each of us.
"I'd also like to thank businesses in the vicinity of the Rosier Business Park for their patience in the face of considerable disruption.
Positionally sound and adept in both halves of the pitch, Rosier would represent a gamble, but the goldrush for Ligue 1 talent is such Newcastle would likely miss out if they were not to pounce this summer.